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The Relax Mat®
Patent Number 5899868


This is a great technique! We use our hands so much that our thumbs can become very tight. Muscle tightness in the thumb is known to cause problems in the forearm.

Place the Relax Mat® on a solid surface and, if desired, place one drop of oil on each knob. You will work the "meat" side of the thumb, then palm side, then the side of the hand as the diagram shows. You can use the smaller knob to work between the fingers to give a gentle stretch or you can just massage the whole area with either knob. Hold the hand in a relaxed position and move it over the compression tool.

Press and release each area of the hand, massaging as you go for 2-3 minutes on each hand. This technique is very beneficial for people who use their hands and thumbs excessively.

Do your favorite stretches, provided by your health care professional.

This technique is very relaxing when done in a warm water bath, with or without a drop of oil.

The Relax Mat®
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