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The Relax Mat®
Patent Number 5899868


This technique is for release of trigger points in the upper back.

In this technique the Relax Mat® can be used against a wall, or in some cases, a chair back works well. Another option that I have seen work for clients is to use a thin book to add firmness to a surface, such as a bed. I would then have the patient lay down on the Relax Mat®.

You can use either knob depending on what feels right. Press in marked areas, pressing to a 12 count to a tolerance of 7. You will be pressing one side at a time. Press and release as marked as indicated on the diagram. These areas are between the shoulder blade and the spine.

Do your favorite stretches, provided by your health care professional.

This technique is great for aquatherapy. Simply warm your body up in your bath. Some have used a drop of oil on a knob for a massage in water along the shoulder blade...try it. If you have oil in your bath, no need to add a drop to the Relax Mat®


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This is another application of Press-A-Wall #1.

Start at the upper part of the arm, because it can hold many myofascial trigger points. This area is particularly subject to overuse or strain injuries. These trigger points feel like tight nodules or a ropy feeling within the muscle.

Press along the thickest part of the muscle as marked on the diagram on the previous page. Don't forget the very back of the arm area. Once again, press into the mat adding 2-3 lbs of pressure, hold for 7 seconds. The model is demonstrating how to Press-A-Wall #2. This can also be done in a chair if the area is very sensitive to pressing. Choose whichever knob works well for you.

Do your favorite stretches, provided by your health care professional.

This technique works well in water.


The Relax Mat®
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