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The Relax Mat®
Patent Number 5899868

This technique can be done in many ways, as long as you press into the indicated areas. Sit with legs extended, as our model is demonstrating, and press on an angle into the outside of the leg with the Relax Mat®. Use a towel roll and press in, or just press into the area against a wall. Men, because of their hand and arm strength, can press in by cupping the tool.

If a firmer surface is desired, simply place a firmer surface under the Relax Mat® to create the correct surface for you.

The lower rounder knob works best for many people. Start at the hip and work right down the side of each leg to just above the ankle. Once again, use the 12/7 pressing principle.

Do your favorite stretches, provided by your health care professional.

This technique can be used in warm water.

The Relax Mat®
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