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General Directions for Using the Relax MatŪ

The Relax MatŪ
Patent Number 5899868

Use the Relax MatŪ once or twice a day on each set of trigger points. Do a stretch after working trigger points. Stretches showed in this booklet are intended to show movement only. Best to apply stretches given to you by your health care professional.  An itching or sleeping feeling in the muscle after treatment is not unusual but a sign that you are experiencing increased circulation and muscle stimulation. Always use just one knob at a time in any and all techniques presented in this booklet.

To map your trigger points, use different colored pens on the diagrams that accompany each technique on the following pages. As you do each Relax MatŪ technique, you will know when a trigger point has been found by a "feel good hurt" sensation. Use one color to represent tightness and a second color to represent pain. Color in the areas where you are experiencing pain and tightness.

There are also two videos available that demonstrate how to use the Relax MatŪ. If you are interested, order on this web site.

The Relax MatŪ program uses three steps for treating trigger points: Position, Press and Stretch. You can also add an optional fourth technique using warm water.

Position The Relax MatŪ can be positioned many ways: against a wall, on the floor or table or against any stable surface. A rolled towel, a firm pillow, or a firm surface such as a thin, hard book can be used to position the Relax MatŪ to reach into curves and hollows in your body. It's okay to lean into Relax MatŪ knobs as long as you maintain the proper pain intensity. You will discover more specific positioning recommendation with each set of mat exercises. Remember to be creative and have fun thinking of all the ways you can relieve pain with your Relax MatŪ. There are hundreds!

After doing your Relax MatŪ program be sure to drink plenty of water to help get rid of the toxins just as you would after receiving a massage.

Press When you press the Relax MatŪ into a trigger point, use the "12/7" principle. Press to a count of 12 seconds and to a pain intensity of no more than 7 on a pain scale of 1-10, 10 being "OUCH!" If the pain is a "feel-good hurt," you know you are on the right track.

Stretch It's very important to stretch the muscle you've worked completely "unknot" the trigger point and to restore circulation.

Aquatherapy In addition, this tool can actually be used in aqua therapy in your own home. Relax in a tub of comfortably warm water. Use a drop of oil on the Relax MatŪ knob you choose and press into those trigger points. The warm water actually helps the muscle relax.

The Relax MatŪ
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