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The Relax Mat®
Patent Number 5899868

The Flat-A-Mat technique is used on the forearms. A lot of people have forearms that are very tight and have a lot of trigger points. Some have a tendency to have a tennis elbow problem.

The Flat-A-Mat technique can be positioned in many ways depending on your flexibility and your comfort. You can lay the Relax Mat® on a kitchen table, a counter or the edge of the counter. Some use a wall to press and release. Or place a thin book under the Relax Mat® and work on the area in a position of lying on your side on the floor or a bed.

Press along the muscles of the lower arm as marked on the diagram on the previous page from elbow to wristwatch band. Move down the arm one-inch at a time, holding each trigger point to a 12 count and 7 intensity. If it hurts, you've got it.

Note: A healthy muscle is a pliable muscle at rest. Many people with tightness in the forearm don't realize how tight it is until pressure is added. Trigger points in this area can be the underlying cause for a multitude of problems. Be sure to check the outside and inside of your forearm. Just follow down each side as you did the center of the forearm.

Do your favorite stretches, provided by your health care professional.

This technique can be used in water.


The Relax Mat®
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