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The Relax Mat®
Patent Number 5899868

Place a firm pillow under the calf and place your Relax Mat® on the pillow or even a towel roll. Be creative. For increased pressure, just place your hands over your leg and press as the model is demonstrating in the illustration.

Follow the calf down to the foot with the press and release technique. Below is a picture of the model with a towel roll under her Relax Mat®, and she is pressing down with hands on top of her leg about every inch. She is pressing 12 counts to a 7 intensity. Press down both the inside and outside of the calf after working the centerline. Simply turn the leg into the knob, outside, inside and center of calf.

Do your favorite stretches, provided by your health care professional.

Use the Relax Mat®, followed by the pumping motion as in a rocking chair, or writing the alphabet with your foot as you relax in a tub of warm water.


The Relax Mat®
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