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About The Relax Mat®

The Relax Mat®
Patent Number 5899868

How Did the Relax Mat® Come About? 
In the past doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists have had their patients use tennis balls to perform trigger point release. I use to do the same but I wanted to be able to recommend an easier-to-use, more effective tool. The Relax Mat® started with a simple question, "Wouldn't it be nice if...? After three and a half years of prayer, seeking the Lord's guidance and a lot of research and hard work, the Relax Mat® became a reality.

The Relax Mat® is much more manageable than a tennis ball because it doesn't roll away, reaches better into hard to reach areas and penetrates more effectively into the muscle. The Relax Mat® offers the option of using two distinct knobs, which are different in width and in height. In addition, the Relax Mat® can be used in warm water to maximize effectiveness or with massage oil for greater comfort.


The Relax Mat®
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